May 1, 2006
Yikers! The Adventures of the Slushy-Wushy's

Don't tell anyone, but we picked an agency... the one I had my heart my set on. The one that I can't find ANY bad info about on the internet or the adoption message boards. They had stopped taking new clients, but they just reopened their program today. We filled out our application last night, and L is faxing it this morning.

Oh. my. gosh. Would you like to talk about anxiety? I've got all kinds of anxiety. Since L left all the research up to me on this thing, I'm swimming in the sea of anxiety. What if they gank us for 30k dollars? I'll tell you what- I will be hearing about it for the rest of my life! I am now Slush, Queen of Anxiety. Maybe I should rename my blog?

Anyway, we are going with Guatemala, since that is where our heart is. We also read that 30% of Guatemalan children die before the age of 5, whether they are orphans or not, so we feel like there is a real need there. The good news is that there are more boys than girls, so we already have an edge. See, I'm edgy.

I'm not sure what happens next. I know the agency will review our application and tell us yea, send us some money, or nay, you would be terrible parents and we are actually contacting social services in your area to come and take away the child you already have. I have no idea how long that process usually takes, but I would guess in the next week or so, wouldn't you?

And now, I must go vomit. Hooray!
Blogger Amy said...
Wow. a) I had no idea it cost that much. b) I cannot IMAGINE the stress level you are enduring. I'm glad that things are moving along, however, and hopefully you will get some positive feedback shortly that will help you sleep better!

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Ditto to what Amy said as to the cost and the stress! YIPES!!

BUT: HOORRRRAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!! for you! That is awesome that they opened their program again just now when you are looking to find a new agency! :) Keep us posted!!

Blogger Carbon said...
Yes, i can understand the anxiety. Hang in there :)

Anonymous kassi said...
It sounds like your adventure has officially begun!

Blogger auntdaisy said...
My slush-tink..hehe I have all the confidence in the world in your ability to pick a good group and receive a lovely child from them. What about El Salvadorian do they do them too? I know there are alot of them down there too...and they are beautiful children too...of course aunty doesn't care,she will love whichever one you choose!!! :)