June 28, 2006
We moved! Hooray! I don't think anything was broken, and there are currently boxes EVERYWHERE I look. Hatchling has transitioned to his 'big boy bed' (actually, just his big boy mattress, as we haven't put the bed together yet). He loves it, and in support of his new freedom he is sporting a big fat knot on his forehead. How did that happen, you wonder? Well, in Hatchling's own words, "Bed. Jump. Bad..." Of course, I've caught him at it again since, so apparently it doesn't hurt as much as I had hoped.

Wow. Having Hatchling upstairs, and the subsequent two thousand trips a day up and down said stairs, is giving me buns of steel. And thighs of... um... are there any slightly jiggly metals? That's what my thighs are made of.

I'll try to catch up on all of you guys later today- Veggie Tales is almost over!
Blogger Carbon said...
No, don't tell the neighbor. Think of it as sharing. You guys are being "environmentally friendly" :)