June 2, 2006
Friday Observations
1. The bad thing about telling your friends and family about your blog is that when they make you mad or really wound you, you can't tell the whole internet about it. That sucks.

2. This is based on purely superficial reasoning, but if I were Jennifer Garner, and I could have my choice of Scott Foley, Michael Vartan, or Ben Afflec, I sure wouldn't be marrying Ben. Obviously, I'd be marrying L- he's a jewel among men.

3. Never did I imagine that as an almost 32 year-old adult would I be using acne products along with my anti-aging skin care regime. What's up with that?

4. It's fascinating that Blogger's spell check doesn't know the word "blog".

5. And finally, if you say "shut up" one single time in front of a 2 year-old, you will be hearing it several times daily for the.rest.of.your.life. I kid you not, friends. Learn from my errors. And don't say "yep" either, or you will never hear a proper yes again.
Blogger Hillary said...
1. I'm in the same boat. That's why I have a secret blog! Muah ha ha!
2. good answer! :)
3. I dunno. I'm with ya on that one. Boo!
4. no kidding! I was shaking my head at that earlier today, too. Of course, I usually jsut don't check. Perhaps you've noticed. ;)
5. Duly noted. (Duley? Dully?)

Blogger Angi said...
3 - Uh-huh... I'm not so happy about that either! :P so not fair!

Anonymous kassi said...
Yes, expressing ones inner most feelings when the entirety of your husband's family is reading is a bit...inhibiting...

and you think saying "shut up" is bad? try accidentally saying "sh*%"...and see how many times THAT word is repeated...in public.

And worse, the older siblings razzing you forever because of it....