June 23, 2006
I'm busy- so talk amongst yourselves...
We are moving tomorrow.
I have not finished packing.
I have not started packing Hatchling's room.
I am using the television to babysit my child.

Our internet/cable provider cannot turn on anything at the new house until NEXT Wednesday, even though we called them LAST Monday to schedule the move. Cox Communications, if you're reading this, you really suck (and that explains why it takes you so long to get anything done)! And how is it not a monopoly to just have one cable company? Cause I would totally go with another one if it were an option.

So, I don't know when I'll be back, but I'll miss you kids! Hopefully I won't die from going so long without the internet. I think I may be an addict.
Blogger lawyerchik said...
Oooooooooooooooo, packing/moving!! Eee-YECH! :( My heart goes out to you! Tip (from personal experience): tape the remotes to the TV and DVD/VCR.

Blogger cjoy said...
Kindred movers.

I have not touched Bryan's room, though that was intentional to make a simpler emotional transition. And, I swear, the more I pack, the more there IS! Ugh. At least you've been doing this recently. I moved a lot as a kid, BUT, John and I have lived here in this house for just shy of EIGHT years. That's a lot of packing to do...

See you on the other side of moving.

Blogger Carbon said...
I pray to the internet gods that you make it back :)

Blogger Amy said...
Hope the move went extremely well!

I look forward to reading about your moving day adventures!