July 10, 2006
Ellen Burstyn would be proud
If you could see what I see now, a diapered angel in Daddy's recliner, enjoying the unrequited love of Bob and Wendy (what's up with that, anyway?), you would NOT believe what happened this weekend.

At a family barbecue, my son had to go to time out. When he continued to kick and scream and make his whole little body tremble with tantrum for an extrodinarily long time, I had to throw a cup of water in his face to get him to stop. I kid you not, I was having Exorcist flashbacks.

We're so proud.
Blogger Carbon said...
Sometimes you really do have to wonder if your kid's body was overtaken by some evil thing. When mine is in tantrum, I often wonder "who the heck are you"!!!

I'll have to throw water in the face, that will definitely get their attention :) he he he.