July 6, 2006
It's what separates us from the animals
I have three words for you.

Instant. Hot. Water.

Oh my freakin' goodness! How did I ever, EVERever survive without it? I don't really understand how it works (nor do I care, that's the beauty of my simplicity), and I know my husband begrudges it because it makes some utility bill higher, but let me just tell you, it's the 8th wonder of the world! It may even be edging out some of those other wonders! Who needs hanging gardens without hot water? Could a gigantic statue of Zeus heat your water instantly? I think not!

You hop in the shower, three seconds later you have scalding, SCALDING I tell you, hot water. Turn on the faucet to wash your hands, and before you can even get good and soaped up it's all hot and ready for you! (that sentence ought to get us some google hits!)

I can never go back. Never, never, never, never. And "roughing it", in my book, now means living without instant hot water. I'm so sad for those of you who have to wait for the hot water. Poor little peasants! Eat some cake! And speaking of cake, in the last three weeks of moving mayhem, I have gained five pounds. FIVE!!! I'm back on the bandwagon on Monday. Today however, is a whole different story.

And now, I must go hang a broom rack. My life is so glamorous that I can hardly stand it sometimes!
Blogger lawyerchik said...
Glad your move went well!! :) Have a great weekend!