July 18, 2006
Orange Giraffes in Bigfootville
I recently watched a riveting show aptly entitled "Bigfootville". It's all about Bigfoot sightings in eastern Oklahoma and even some in western Arkansas- pretty close to Slushville! Those of you with TiVo, go put it on your wishlist right now- I'll wait.

Ok, so I can get a lot closer to believing in Yeti than I can in aliens who fly gazillions of miles only to hover in night skies and screw with people. But, what if the aliens are actually landing and dressing up in Bigfoot costumes? That's a correlation I would like to see the so- called experts make. Another correlation missing was the high number of meth labs in eastern Oklahoma, which could have a direct impact on the high number of sightings. I'd like to see an overlay of busted meth labs with Bigfoot sightings.

In completely unrelated news, when L and I went to pick up Hatchling at church on Sunday, the director was waiting for us. That's never a good feeling. Apparently, he's been in time-out repeatedly over the last few weeks for things like throwing toys, pushing people, taking toys away, throwing all the books on the floor, etc. Last week we were there for two services, and in the second service he got put in with the Orange Giraffes (who are older than his fellow Calico Kittens- don't you love these names?). While with his fellow Serengeti-ites, he didn't seem to have any problems. I don't know if he is just too mature for the Calico crowd, or if it has something to do with the teachers, but next week we are going to put him back in the long necked crowd and see how he does. I suppose if he gets kicked out of there we will have to look for the Orange Jumpsuit room for our future felon. Being a parent is really hard sometimes.

I've also discovered the secret to painless entertaining. Last night, we had two couples and their kids coming over for dinner at six. At five, our electricity went off. Since it wasn't back on by close to seven, we sent the menfolk out for pizza and packed up all our stuff to go to the closer couple's house. When you hold a dinner party at someone else's house, they do all the cleanup and serving. It's like having servants, but you don't have to pay them (there also aren't any of the pesky moral problems surrounding slavery). It's the only way to entertain! I will most assurendly be running the air, microwave, and a bevy of small appliances before our next entertaining gig.
Anonymous kassi said...
I'll have to try the "unforeseen electrical outage" tactic the next time we have guests...

Anonymous Melani said...
my husband and I watched "Bigfootville" too (we live near the are too). I just about choked reading your various correlations that you'd like to see. Way funny! Sounds like appropriate research to me. ;)