July 31, 2006
A Poem
I awoke on Sunday to such a surprise
Goop! Coming forth from my eyes!

On Monday it persisted, and then I was sure,
To the eye doctor! I must find a cure!

An infection! Said she to me,
And around others, careful, I must be!

You'd best watch out, if you and I've been near
Or you, too, could be blinking back tears!
Blogger lawyerchik said...
Oooooo! Sorry to hear about your eyes! Hopefully it wasn't due to that lovely mascara.....

Take care!

Blogger Hillary said...
oy! Yeah! I hope it wasn't the mascara! Sorry to hear about your eye. Get better soon! :)

(Fabulously cute haircut, by the way! I'd been meaning to comment for a while now...)

Blogger Carbon said...
I hope it's not itchy. that would suck even more!

Blogger Amy said...
ooh, not something with the eyes! That has to be such misery! I hope it clears up soon and isn't too irritating in the meantime!