July 29, 2006
Ultimate Bargain Hunting
I've been talking about shopping a lot lately. Please don't think I'm overly materialistic, but I just have to show you one more thing....

Today, we took a load of stuff to our local thrift shop (Samaritan House). I need (well, want) a tv stand for my sitting room/guest bedroom, so we wheeled around front to take a look-see at what they had. Oh wondrous delights! We saw a wonderful thing, which is actually a nightstand, that was perfect for my needs. A shelf for a DVD player , and it's all girly looking!

The manager told us it was brand new and had been donated by a local furniture store, for some reason or another. It was marked $75, and L managed to get them down to $65. Then we brought it home, I saw it was Basset, so I looked it up on the internet (oh glorious internet!). I found it in TWO PLACES on sale for $700. Seven. Hundred. Dollars. I kid you not.

I am so, so happy.
Blogger lawyerchik said...
Congratulations! Don't you just love bargains? :) Nice work!! And with what things cost new these days, getting a deal like that is like two times the fun of decorating!! Enjoy your new toy!!