August 8, 2006
Trade Winds of Slush
What's that place close to the fat part of South America (I think) where the ships get stuck because there isn't enough wind or current? That's where I feel in my blogging recently. I don't know what the problem is exactly. Maybe it's the heat. If I have to go and take something away from those kids** and tell them to quit banging on my coffee table one.more.time.- someone's going to be really, really sorry...

Where was I? Oh yes, doldrums- that's what they're called! And that's what I have! It's nice to have a diagnosis, however un-scientific it may be! So, I'm sorry I have nothing interesting to offer you. If L hadn't taken the camera with him today, I could show you the surprise Hatchling left in his room for us the other day. The little bugger somehow managed to move a big (comparative to him) wooden toy box away from the wall and stuff a puzzle piece through the drywall. Pesky pterodactyls (which I never until just now started with a silent "p"! Blogging is educational!)! The best part was how proud of himself he was. "Look Mommy! Puzzle!!!" Ah... I almost felt bad about punishing him. And then I thought about how much I hate patching drywall, and I didn't feel so bad for him after all. I can never get the texture to match exactly, and that bums me out.

I totally think I deserve a real Coke this afternoon.

**I'm watching my niece, who is getting into lots of trouble right along side her illustrious cousin, Hatchling the Destroyer. But don't worry Aunt Cookie! I promise to only beat the instigator, not his little minion!
Blogger Carbon said...
I get the doldrums too. No worry, it happens to all of us :)

Blogger beth said...
Indeed - they're more common than I think most will admit. :) Hope a good sailing wind comes soon though!

Blogger Amber said...
Ohhh, yum. A REAL coke. sounds delicious.
Oh, and if you can dig up a diagnosis for my, um, emotional condition as of late, I'd appreciate it.