August 4, 2006
Very Touching Photographs
Here is a link to some really touching photographs. The photographer (Misty Keasler) spent some time at the Guatemala City dump, where whole families actually live. Some of them have been living there for generations.

Click on the "lange-taylor prize" at the far right to view the pictures.
Blogger Robyn said...
I went to Guatemala in 1991 - the variety of sites is amazing to me - lush green countryside, then suddenly a row of cardboard houses and dumping areas. They have really upscale resorts and then they have the poorest of the poor. What a beautiful bunch of people, though! And they are so hospitable and would give you their last centavos if you asked.

Blogger Fizzle said...
Slush, it's always wonderful to read the blogs of others who are adopting internationally. Thank you for your visit. My husband and I considered Guatemala as well!

I have to read your post about the Hague Convention, because I understand it may change some things for Guatemalan adopting parents?