September 13, 2006
Pineapple, Schmineapple
As promised, I finally downloaded our pictures from Hawaii. I haven't actually unpacked the camera case, but I'm sure I'll get to it before we leave for Mexico in November...

A couple of days into our trip, we took Hatchling to the Dole Plantation. Not because he thinks pineapples are hysterically funny (which he does, strangely enough), but because they have a choo choo. The highlights of Hatchling's vacation were planes, trains, and buses. He didn't care that he was in paradise, only that they had cool transportation. And that he got to push the elevator button at the condo several times a day. Kids...

After being charged (cough... ganked... cough) twenty bucks, the three of us lined up to wait for the Pineapple Express. Isn't that a great name? I'm not making it up. Seriously, I'm not that creative. Here are Hatchling and I waiting on the train (a kind husband would have said "honey, look up, your making a hideous double chin!")

After boarding, we motored out of the station.

Our ride was 15 or 20 minutes long. As we lumbered (and I mean lu-hum-bered... I think I walk through Wal-Mart faster than that train was moving) through pineapple fields in various states of planting, from fallow to ready to be harvested, we were forced to endure some "traditional" Hawaiian songs on the intercom system, which were intended to make us rush back to the gift shop and purchase the Pineapple Express CD. I'm listening to it right now.

Midway through our ride, I saw workers in the fields. But wait, those aren't workers! They're standees of workers... in case my imagination couldn't supply a ready picture of a pineapple farmer?

I especially love how they didn't bother to move the standees out of the fallow field and put them in one that actually had pineapples. They were nice enough to leave the scrub at their feet, which I think makes them look uber-realistic. As I laughed until I cried and instructed L to get a picture of the "workers" for my blog, I felt better about the Pineapple Express. If nothing else, it was blog-worthy.

When all was said and done, the smile on this little face was totally worth my twenty dollars and the twenty minutes of my life I will never get back. In fact, I'd even be willing to go back with Julio, just to get double the smiles.

Blogger lawyerchik said...
How cool!! I was expecting something from Elvis's "Blue Hawaii", but this was really nice! Looks like you had great weather, too!! :)

Blogger Carbon said...
When we went there all we did was watch a pineapple cutting demonstration, fed the coi fish outside and took pic's with our faces in the cutout cardboard pineapple people they have there.

Did they have a maze you can walk thru when you were there? We were there in June many, many years ago :)

Blogger Amy said...
In defense of your husband not knowing to tell you to hold your head up (as IF you could ever have a double chin) I think you might have wanted to tell him he and Hatchling were sitting in front of a trash can.

When in Rome you have to do what the Romans do (whatever that might be) so when in paradise, you apparently need to see how pineapples are grown (hey, it took my sister going to Jamaica before I knew bananas grown upside down).