September 25, 2006
Snapshots from my day so far...
Getting into the car this morning
Hatchling- Mommy! Puppy dog! RUFF RUFF!
Slush- that is a puppy dog! And what a good impression! Do you wag your tail like a puppy?
Hatchling- (looking as if I was VERY STUPID) I no have no tail, Mommy.
Slush- Can you wiggle your buns and pretend it's your tail?
Hatchling- (With furrowed brow) I don't fink so Mommy

At the gym
Slush went to a spinning class this morning. I picked the one that billed itself as the 50 minute one, thinking the others were probably an hour. Turns out, most of them are 7 songs long, mine was 9 songs long. My instructor informed me I would have a sore tushie tomorrow. I'll let you know. If I have to carry Hatchling upstairs again, I won't make it until tomorrow...