September 12, 2006
Bleu has spoken, and being the spineless (and currently un-inspired) gal that I am, I've done her bidding. I would make a fabulous minion. Seriously, I have some stuff to say about Hawaii, and maybe even some photographic evidence that I was really there. Would you believe that not only have I not looked at our pictures yet, but I haven't even unpacked the camera from it's nifty little backpack? Yes, I'm that lazy. So hang in there, it's coming... one of these days...

1. Things that scare me: My favorite answer to this has always been "stepping on dead rats". I don't know why, I just think it's funny. Along the same line of thinking, I have an actual terror of swimming in lakes for fear of (you guessed it) stepping on dead bodies. Oh, and dens/nests of snakes. Ugggh, I'd take a corpse over hundreds of snakes wrapping their scaly little bodies around my body and pulling me into the dark depths of oblivion with them ANY day. Also, I have a fear of my children being hit in the head by a jet ski. I observed at an elementary school where a kid had this happen to him, and I still catch my breath every time L talks about getting a boat when the boys get a little bigger. I think I have some lake issues...

2. People who make me laugh: Obviously, me...duh. And, the entire cast of "Scrubs", Dharma from "Dharma and Greg" (I'm behind the times, I know), most of my friends (you know who you are, both funny and not), and my delicious little boy, who thinks he sees Magnum, P.I. stars everywhere we go.

3. Things I hate the most: People who ask stupid questions in a group setting where all are trapped by their stupidity. Come on, ask after the class is over! Also, I hate beets, which make me actually gag as soon as I feel their nasty texture upon my tongue. Dear Lord, how does anyone eat beets? If I am ever trapped on a island with nothing but canned beets to subsist on, I'm in big trouble.

4. Things I don't understand: Pretty much all math and science (it runs in the family), philosophy (seems like a bunch of whiners to me), and the mysteries of my convection oven. Oh, and how I'm always the one to use the last of the toilet paper, so that I'm always the one who has to change the roll. Intriguing, don't you think?

5. Things I'm doing right now: Riding horseback through a meadow in my nightie. What are you doing?

6. Things I want to do before I die: Travel, travel, travel. Spend a whole week at a spa being pampered (OK, a day is probably all I could handle), finalize our adoption...

7. Things I can do: Organize like nobody's business, choose the proper tool from a bevy of choices to hand to my husband, paint little crafty things, sew, and bake a very pretty (and tasty) birthday cake.

8. Ways to describe my personality: Hmmmm... domestic and a little edgy?

9. Things I can't do: Anything requiring athletic prowess, speak another language, let go of my own failures (imagined or real), make bread.

10. Things I think you should listen to: Whatever makes you sing like a rock star in your car, your boss, your conscience.

11. Things you should never listen to: Movie critics

12. Things I'd like to learn: Spanish and French, how to really sew, to knit, to make a dinner and have everything be ready at the same time.

13. Favorite foods: I like Indian food; I'm especially partial to butter chicken and mango lassis. I also like mboga and chapatis and sweet chai (Kenyan food), a GOOD cheeseburger, and quality chocolate. I left all of Becky's foods, because yum, but I would have to add Mac and Cheese (Kraft original, no fancy stuff for me), chocolate pop tarts, and of course, Tacos!

14. Beverages I drink regularly: tea, coke, more tea

15. Shows I watched as kid: Like I remember that far back? I know I watched Happy Days, the Muppets, Mork and Mindy, and when I was a little older, MacGuyver.

There ya have it... I'm all memed out!
Blogger AfricaBleu said...
Yay -- someone obeyed me! I feel so persuasive, suddenly. You can be my minion any ol' day, love.

I forgot how much I like chocolate pop-tarts too -- I always associate them with THAT SUMMER at your house.

Hey -- did you know I'm going to India? (I figured you did, but I just like to say that -- "Hey, did you know I'm going to INDIA.") Whoo-HOO.

Blogger auntdaisy said...
Well I am proud of both you and bleu....i learned things I didn't know....hehehe aunty's do that u know....i want to see pictures one day soon ok??? when we gonna start stuffing bears again??? im ready...


Blogger SlushTurtle said...
I do know Becky... and I'm green with envy. I wonder if I could talk you into shopping for some fabrics for me sewing? I would truly love that...

No bears this year Auntie Daisy... Maybe next year?