October 12, 2006
Adventures in Slushdom
Have you heard the one about the girl who was viciously attacked by a venomous, bone crushing snake when she opened her front door?

Said girl was going to take a pie to the new neighbors (don't you wish you lived by me, er, her?). She opened the door, and from her beautiful fall wreath leaped a writhing snake, passing within inches, possibly even centimeters, of her shoulder, only to land ready to strike at her feet. Thankfully, the girl's knight in shining armor was home, so she was able to dance around and scream like a girl, along with a fair amount of swooning on the steps (inside, not out), whilst he killed it with blunt instruments and disposed of the body far, far away.

We, I mean they, believe the crafty spawn of Satan climbed up the brick, as there is still a piece of discarded skin there by the top of the door. Sir Galahad thinks it might have been a baby rattlesnake. Lady Slush is sticking to her guns about the boa that was just waiting to wrap itself around her pathetically puny little neck.

Come and knock on our door, we've be waiting for you...
Blogger Carbon said...
That "Three's company" for sure!

There is something to be said about Canadian cold weather and that is there is no snakes waiting at the door! Yikes!

Blogger Damselfly said...
Three's Company, Too...!

Last year, I opened the door two days in a row to a nice little black snake on my front porch. After a couple days of my screaming, he'd had it and decided to sun himself somewhere else!