October 26, 2006
The Benefits of a Breakdown
Good news for all you hyper-emotional freaks teetering on the edge of a breakdown: WalMart will do a lot to make sure you don't do anything drastic.

Apparently their system was down when I submitted my photos the other day, and they floated around in cyberspace for a day before WalMart finally got them. Once they got them, their printer was broken down (what are the odds? do you sense a theme in my life?). They've called several times to update me (I think they are making sure I'm not in a warm bath contemplating my Venus Divine), and the last gentleman to call informed me that he had gone to the trouble of using their Kodak copy machine thing to make a CD of my photos and to print them off, and that of course I would also be getting my prints on the higher quality one-hour paper as soon as the machine is fixed. He just wanted to be sure I didn't think my baby's photos were lost. Oh, and all of the workers who have called have told me how cute Julio is, as if I didn't already know he was the most gorgeous baby in the world.

With all the trouble these poor photo lab people have been through, I haven't had the heart to tell them I got my pictures printed at Walgreens yesterday.
Blogger Carbon said...
You, my dear Slush, are horrible! Walgreens!! Great punchline to the story. hahaha.

Congrats on the beautiful new baby. He's really cute. I hope you get him home soon.

Blogger Damselfly said...
WalMart Photo seems to do things right. My stepmother left our home after our baby was born with a digital card full of photos and had them printed at a WalMart on her way home. Then she forgot them! (I could make a comment here, but I won't.) WalMart said they'd make sure she got them at her home WalMart store, and they were waiting for her when she arrived.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wow, I've never gotten service like that at Walmart before! Lucky you!