October 31, 2006
My Righteous Indignation
We got an email yesterday from our neighborhood newsletter staff explaining that some children would be trick-or- treating for UNICEF in the 'hood this year, and explaining their mission. Naturally, I fired off MY feelings about UNICEF straight away. I haven't heard anything back, so I assume they think I'm a complete nutjob or something. Regardless of my new title of wacko, this is what UNICEF collectors will be treated to when they knock on my door:

Why my Mommy or Daddy can't give anything but candy and this flyer to trick-or-treaters for UNICEF this year...If it weren't for international adoption, I would likely be malnourished or living in an orphanage this Halloween, instead of being well cared for by my foster mother until I can get home to my forever family. My Mommy and Daddy are adopting me through the legal private adoption system in place right now in Guatemala. It's not much different than the private adoption system here in the U.S. and has many safeguards like a DNA test to make sure that my birth mother really wants me to be adopted.

While you are trick-or-treating this Halloween, UNICEF is actively working to end international adopting in Guatemala. I may never get to come home to Slushville, and thousands of innocent children a year (just like me) may be left with no chance for a decent life.

I know UNICEF does much good in the world but, PLEASE let them know that you think ending international adoption-- or even stopping it temporarily--is wrong, unless a better system is ready and money is available to take care of children like me who will never have a decent change in their country of origin.

For more information, please visit www.guatadopt.com/visitor and www.familieswithoutborders.org.
Blogger Damselfly said...
If you don't share what UNICEF is doing, then no one will know -- I know I didn't.

Blogger beth said...
Good for you, Slush! Generally the people who aren't effected are the ones who don't know and are out trying to make policies they don't really understand.

Anonymous Julie said...
Good job!

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Good for you, Tara! That's the only way things change: when people care enough to do something a little bit extreme! (You're my new hero for today!! =) )

Blogger The McKenzie Crew said...
Good Job - Momma! It sickens me to know how they falsely represent themsleves!

Your baby is GORGEOUS!