October 5, 2006
A tale of two vomits
L kept me up late last night "debating". He likes to debate. I hate it. Whatever I am discussing, it has my passionate support. I am equally passionate about the fact that he is a mean person if he is disagreeing with me. It's fun for everyone.

About 4 this morning, Hatchling started crying. When I dragged myself upstairs, after running into a wall pretty hard on the way, he said "Mommy, I like water." Because I will do anything to bring about more sleep at this hour of the day, I got him more water and retired to my bed.

Shortly after, more cries of distress wafted downstairs from Hatchling's room. When I got up there, he told me he was scared. I turned on the light, only to see large, totally undigested pieces of carrot (from last night's veggie lasagna) on his favorite blanket. I cleaned him up and crawled in bed with him, being the good mommy that I am. I finally got him to sleep, so I snuck back downstairs to my non-pukey bed, only to be immediately recalled by more retching.

Poor little tike. He's had mostly dry heaves since about 5. Poor little Slush, she's had 4 hours of sleep and had to be intimately close to vomit.

Life is pretty unfair.
Blogger Carbon said...
And then you have to deal with the kids all day long with sleep deprivation. Kids are cranky and ill, man, it all sucks.

I hope he feels well soon.

Blogger beth said...
Aw, no fun :( Hope he's better soon (and that nobody else catches it!)

Anonymous sara said...
i love your writing. so funny. Sorry your fella was sick. Thats absolutely the pitts.
Kiss him for me.