November 16, 2006
I just wanted him to learn Spanish...
There are some hidden dangers to letting your children watch Dora the Explorer and Diego. For instance, take this conversation Hatchling and I had in the car yesterday:

H: Choo Choo tracks, Mommy! Oh no, choo choo tracks missing!
Me: Missing?
H: We have to help! Choo choo's in trouble!
Me: What do we need to do?
H: I'll get my special camera!
Me: Okay...
H: Need more choo choo tracks Mommy! At Sam's! We go to Sam's, get tracks!
Me: Naturally, that's what I had planned on doing all along. Perhaps we could also pick up some trash bags and Red Bull? Yes, well then, let's go!

Our drives are also peppered by "Oh no! I hear Swiper!" and "Mommy! It's an animal in trouble! Where's my rescue pack?"

What a kid.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I can't remember my password (rats) but I can relate Tink..I get phone calls asking if I hear Swiper and looking for Diego. She loves Diego (hmmm) and likes to play Dora and Diego with her mommy....aren't kids just wonderful...

loving Grammie

Blogger scribbit said...
Swipers no swiping! I think Dora's kind of cute.

Blogger Jill said...
Just yesterday, my girls were in the back seat with a Barbie and trying to figure out how to get her out of the Muddy Mud. They are currently watching Diego and yelling "NO!" as Diego asks if a wagon can fly them down to the river. :)

I feel you, girl. Believe me. We have the same conversations at my house.