December 2, 2006
Help, I'm pitiful
Party next weekend.

Black dress, black heels.

What color stockings? Slush-colored or black?
Blogger cjoy said...
Oh dear...I feel your pain acutely, but I am so very much NOT the person to ask such things. Hopefully someone out there can help!

Have fun at the party though!!

Blogger lawyerchik said...
You could really wear either - the Slush-colored are more daytime, while the black are dressier, but what about silver? :)

(Just HAD to throw something else into the mix, didn't I.....)

Black is fine for a party - really. Just take an extra pair in case of a run, and have a great time!!

Blogger Crystal said...
I love your blog!!!!--Your guatemalan prince is beautiful!!!!--I hope you get him hope soon!!!!

Blogger Alleen said...
I'd have to go with black.

Blogger beth said...
I ditto black - generally the "rule" is that your legs and shoes should not be lighter than your skirt. So...that would lean toward black. That said, you could do something fun other than plain 'ol black with the "decorative" stockings (not fishnets per se, but they have some cool, tasteful lace-ish ones that would be fun and dressupy.)

But plain is good too!

Blogger Jill said...
You need to do black, but like Beth said, you could do something decorative, but tasteful. But definitely something in black.

Blogger Maki said...
I say anything that is comfortable. We just went to christmas office party and it was the first time I decided to wear dress pants instead of a dress. WOwsers. But I was comfy and warm :)