December 14, 2006
In which you are slain by his cuteness
The scene: Hatchling falls down and hurts his knees on the hardwood.

Me: Will a cookie make it better? (in our house, dried figs are may the most intelligent parenting choice I've made to date...)
Hatchling: I don't think so mommy.
Me: Let's try it. Here's a cookie.
H: (takes cookie and touches it to each knee) I feel better Mommy!

The scene: Being taken back to the dealership in the courtesy van after our 90,000 mi service.

H: Where we go next Mommy?
Me: To pick up our car.
H: I don't think so Mommy... it's too heavy. How you going to pick up?

The scene: Getting our flu shots

H: wah (very half-hearted and lasting approximately a millisecond, and then, throwing both arms in the air) I'm all better!
Blogger Amy said...
awww!! Yes, I think you'd better leave the picking up of the car to someone much stronger!!

Blogger Sleepy said...
Aww indeed. What a cutie!

Blogger Hillary said...
Precious! :)