December 18, 2006
Mr. Sandman
I dreamt I was holding his warm little body close to mine, kissing those sweet, firm little cheeks. He smiled up at me, and then L's alarm went off. I tried pulling the covers over my head and returning to my sweet fantasies, but they proved elusive. I miss you, baby boy of mine.
Blogger auntdaisy said...
any word of when we might get him here??? aunty is ready to hold him too!!!

Blogger Damselfly said...
Aw. I hope your little prince comes home soon!

Blogger Amy said...
awww, I don't know how you do it. I have no patience (as God knows well) but that would be the hardest test of all!!

Blogger Hillary said...
Merry Christmas, Slush! I'll keep praying that you're able to bring your little one home soon.

Many blessings to you and your family.

love, Hillary

Blogger Be Inspired Always said...
What a beautiful little boy. Surely a prince in your heart. I hope you get to hold him soon.

I actually titled my children's book that because every little boy is a prince.

I added some pictures of my two boys on my blog. First time I ever did that... You inspired me.