December 11, 2006
A picture!
L and I have few good pictures of us together. I could contemplate the reasons for this, but frankly, I don't have the energy to do so today.

Hatchling is sick, I was re-tested for allergies this morning (if you don't know what that entails, lucky you. Let's just say that if the party were today, I wouldn't be able to go sleeveless...), and I'm exhausted from a weekend of partying.

Speaking of my weekend, we went to see Casino Royale last night, and I'm all about the new Bond. I think he's the best since Connery. I could expound, but since L reads this, I'll refrain. 'Nough said.

Back to pictures. Here is a pic of L and I before the party we attended Saturday night. Thanks for all of your advice on hoiseries. Black was perfect. And notice my wonderful 10' slim tree in the background? Oh yes, it rocks.
Blogger Carbon said...
You guys look GREAT! Quite the sexy couple :)

Nice tree too.

Blogger Katrina said...
Lookin' sharp! And I'm dying to see the new Bond...have to wait until The Geek's big work project is done, I guess. :)

Blogger Toni said...
What was the party? You never email me anymore...I know NOTHING! lol
We got all gussied up for the AF party last Friday. Sadly, there are no photos to evidence the event. Maybe that was on purpose, as my arms look like hams these days. If you only see photos of me from now on in which I'm standing cheerleader style with hands on hips, you'll know why!