January 31, 2007
I knew it
To all my cousins, who mocked my terror of Chief's cows as we crossed the pasture (no doubt clad in our too big prom dresses, or our Little House on the Prairie dresses...).

Cow Attacks, Kills Ohio Farmer

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


A northeast Ohio farmer was attacked by a cow and died a day later of a fractured skull suffered when his head hit the ground, authorities said.

The cow charged Steven Walker, 55, on Monday and knocked him down inside a barn on his farm in Lexington Township, said Rick Walters, a Stark County coroner's investigator.

Walker was pronounced dead Tuesday in the intensive care unit of Mercy Medical Center in nearby Canton.

Investigators plan to interview Walker's 8- and 13-year-old grandsons who witnessed the attack, Walters said.

The cow might have become agitated as Walker moved one of her calves.

Blogger Amy said...
dang, that ought to put a stop to all that cow-tipping.

Blogger AfricaBleu said...
Haha. That post, combined with this story:


makes me think that maybe you and your mom knew beans, after all. Note what the lady did when the plane fell on her house... she CALLED 9-1-1-!

Apologies, Nin.