February 20, 2007
I'm completely worthless to society at this point. I jump every time the phone rings, especially in the afternoons (when outs usually happen). I get this huge adrenaline rush that leaves me weak, nauseated, and teary. And then, it's only L calling to see how I am and check on his forex account. I'm stalking the boards at adoption.com to look for outs from other agencies (I'd never visited these boards until recently). I check our agency board a gazillion times a day to see if we've moved closer to the top of the list. And I pray. Please God, let us get the call soon!

With all this nail biting time at the computer, I've been designing things for my cafepress shop.

Ben Stein for president!

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Y'know, that could work.... "President Stein" has a nice ring to it. Do we know his opinions/beliefs on constitutional interpretation, foreign/domestic policy and whether he likes jelly beans or peanuts? (OK, that last one was a little silly....)


Blogger Aaron & Sarah said...
Oh Tara, no wonder you waiting in anticipation! That boy is amazing!! What a guy! So handsome. This process seems like the kind that chews you up and spits you out daily. I will pray, dear friend, for a call soon.