March 21, 2007
My Devastating Afternoon
After exiting PGN, it is normal to have Pink (your embassy appointment date) in three weeks. We got out of PGN three weeks ago today. Between exiting PGN and getting Pink, the birthmother has to do a final sign-off, the final adoption decree has to be registered, and a new birth certificate has to be issued with the child's new last name.

I found out today that there is a new person in charge of the region where our birth certificate is coming from, and instead of issuing new bc's in a day like they used to, he's requesting a bunch of supporting documentation. So, three weeks later, we are not yet even submitted for a birth certificate (if my understanding is correct.... I was sobbing when speaking to my case manager on the phone, so I can't be sure on this point).

I was fine with the whole waiting for pink thing until yesterday, when several people who got out of PGN the same day as me got embassy appointments for the week before Easter. I then, in true Anne Shirley style, let myself believe that H2 would be home for Easter. Stupid, yes, but that's just how I am. It's either the wings of eagles or the depths of despair for me. I had even started stacking up things I plan on taking with us.

I've been told not to worry, that it is no big deal, but I can't help but feel that they can't be sure of that. And who knows how long this will take? There are two others in the same boat as me, so at least we can all cry together.

1:30 in the afternoon isn't too early to start drinking, right?
Blogger beth said...
Ugh! I hope you're in Pink soon and that H2 does in fact make it home for Easter.

Hang in there!

Blogger Amy said...
I was reminded yesterday that one of my cousins has been deeply involved with an orphanage in Guatemala, and has adopted from there as well. I cannot imagine surviving this process myself. You are stronger than you know, Slush. This too, shall pass.

we'll keep this in our prayers.

Blogger Carbon said...
Hang in there.

Soon enough you'll have pic of two cuties riding a carousel together :)

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Hang in there, Slush. It will work out. My mom's favorite thing in circumstances like these is, "and it came to pass..." God is working, and some people are just taking longer than they should.

And, no, 1:30 isn't too early to start drinking. In the words of the great Jimmy Buffett: "It's five o'clock somewhere!" :)