April 19, 2007
All kinds of baby wearing
My mom, Hatchling and I went to a GIANT consignment sale last night, with our expecting mother pre-sale pass in hand. I already had a hotsling (I have that exact one, it's so pretty!):

Now I am also the proud owner of an Ultimate Baby Wrap:

A Hip Hammock:
And an Infantino Easy Rider:

(I asked, he only comes with it if you pay retail).

Why all the baby carriers? Well, as a bonding thing, we are encouraged to carry H2 as much as possible for the next couple of months. Which leads me to wonder- do marsupials have better relationships with their mommies?
Blogger Jill said...
I left that same consignment sale with an armload of stuff! Silly me didn't think I would need anything to carry my haul because I didn't think I'd HAVE a haul - lesson learned from a first time shopper. Plus, I felt like I might have been in the wrong place because of the concert-like line that waited to get in the door. Although, I must say, myself included, I have never seen so many pregnant bellies in one place in my life!!

Blogger Amy said...
We were just studying attachment at our foster meeting last night. I think holding him as much as possible is a wonderful way to attach!! I am so glad you found so many wonderful carriers!

I can't wait until you have him home!

Blogger lawyerchik said...
I have to ask two questions: 1) on the Infantino Easy Rider, does the "he" refer to the guy wearing the device or the kid inside it? 2) If the answer to # 1 is "the guy wearing the device", how much is retail, and where can I get one? ;)

Anonymous Kassi said...
I have the first one, I got it 10 years ago...it still works great :)
Congratulations on bringing H2 home!!