June 22, 2007
As soon as I stop being so lazy, I've got some pics of H2 STANDING UP to show you. I can't believe it! He's so short that he can't pull up on any of our furniture, but he's found plenty of alternate things to help him to his feet! He especially likes to pull up on the bottom step and drum on it. I swear this kid is going to be a drummer. He likes banging on things better than anything else.

I've been quite busy. A lady with an adoption agency found my China kids bags and sent the info to all the adoptive mom's in her agency. So, yea for me- I have to ship 6 bags today, and I have several more orders pending. Hopefully I can take a few days off, because I've been ditching L every night this week to sew (I can't get anything done during the day anymore!). On the other hand, sewing is cathartic for me, and the money's not bad either.
Blogger lawyerchik said...
Glad things are going well - it's good to be busy!! HOORAY that H2 is standing - before long, he'll be walking and then running and then good luck to you and Leonardo!! :)

Blogger Kirsten said...
It's such a cute phase when they start pulling up! It is so amazing to watch how they get closer and closer to walking each day! Congratulations!

Blogger Amy said...
what milestones! How fun!