July 10, 2007
Hatchling has been obsessed with robots for a while now. Have I told you that? I don't remember. Anyway, he tells me daily that when Daddy gets home they are going to build a robot in the garage and I have to stay inside. Snarky little thing, isn't he?

The other night, we started asking him what he wants his robot to do. He wants it to walk, move it's head, talk, have feet, wave it's arms, be too big to sleep in his twin sized bed and our king sized bed (he had to call Dragon downstairs to have a conference over this point...), and I don't remember what else. Suffice it to say, the list was extensive.

I started looking for something to fulfill at least some of his requirements, and I found the Fisher Price Kinderbot. This brilliant little thing is not only a robot, it also teaches wayward preschoolers everything they need to know to go to kindergarten. Good for us, as I have the most unteachable son in the world. Smart as a button, stubborn as a mule (he gets it from his father, in case you were wondering). Sadly, Fischer Price discontinued this brilliant toy (one wonders why- it won tons of awards and gets great parental reviews).

Luckily, I was able to order one from ebay. This was on Saturday. I showed it to Hactchling and he immediately ran to the window to see if the "robot truck" was here. Despite numerous explanations of mail service and transit times, we have looked out the window for the robot truck approximately 1,237,432 times since then. Please Lord, let this thing get here soon.

To lessen his dissappointment over his wait, last night L and I printed out the picture above on cardstock, cut it out, and left it propped on his toy box, where he would be sure to see it first thing this morning. At about 6:50 am, I was awakened to a loud gasp and a shout of "MY ROBOT! IT'S A PICTURE OF MY ROBOT!" The picture has yet to leave his grubby little hands. He keeps sitting down to look at it and contemplating what the different parts do (in case you are curious as well, Hatchling has informed me that the red thing on top of his head is NOT an antenna, but rather that it makes very loud noises which will most likely scare H2).

Robots indeed. In other news, we are thinking about dragging our little family to the mecca of all children's activities (Disney World) this fall. Anyone have any great money saving ideas or advice for navigating the happiest place on earth with a precocious 3 year old (and probably a robot)?
Blogger cjoy said...
Disney...we love it there. Oh, I am starting to long to return soon...sigh.

I could email you some stuff if you want (jcandb13@yahoo.com), but at the very least, you need to check out www.tourguidemike.com as that is the best $20ish or so you will spend your entire trip. He customizes your plans and gives amazing details and is incredibly up to date...he is full of tips and ideas. We have used this twice, and swear by it. Man, I want to have a reason to get on there now....can we say "jealous"?

By the way, that robot-adoration thing H1 has going on is too cute! I love that!

Anonymous Gem said...
We got a kinderbot as a hand-me-down from a neighbor and he's great! Even without the game cartridges, he runs several games, enough to keep a 3yo entertained!

Blogger Jill said...
I have researched the fool out of Disney trips as we have taken 2 since the summer of 2005. The most extensive info I've ever found on the subject can be found at www.allearsnet.com. It is AMAZING with all the info. I could talk for days about the place and could get slightly on the side of obsessive, but if you wanna talk about it, email me at jlangham@marykay.com. I'll be glad to impart any of my so called wisdom about the subject.