August 23, 2007
H2 went to the Dr. yesterday, where we were told he has hand, foot and mouth disease. My poor baby has blisters all over his tonsils, and he's pretty mad about the whole experience so far. We're dosing him with tylenol and ib, but he's still in a lot of pain.

I awoke to two strange canker sores in my mouth on Monday, and today woke up with them all over my tongue. I guess I have it too. Seriously, must I go through every childhood disease a second time? I must have a terrible immune system. Oh, and they hurt like crap. Like 10 times worse than a regular mouth ulcer. I called the Dr.'s office and told them to call me in some lidocaine or else I would be getting drunk. Now I'm thinking about getting drunk until L makes it home with my medicine.

The laundry is so not getting done today.
Blogger cjoy said...
Poor H2. Poor YOU. If we lived nearby, I have a huge bottle of a mouth numbing mix I used exactly one time because I had some funky viral thing in my throat (felt worse than strep), and it just didn't numb that far back w/o guzzling the stuff...

My sympathy. Just get well before your upcoming trip!!