August 7, 2007
A Review! A Review!

I was asked to listen to and review the album “A Still Moment” by John Hinson. First off, this is a paid review. However, I'm being paid to give my honest opinion, and I'm not being paid nearly enough to lie, so I could say mean things if I wanted to.

John Hinson- "A Still Moment" is a classical piano album. I'll admit, when I saw it was some cat with a piano, I was thinking "ugh.." and visions of John Tesh were dancing merrily in my head (sorry to all you John Tesh lovers....). However, after giving it a listen, I was pleasantly surprised.

Mr. Hinson is a classically trained pianist who is the married father of three beautiful children (assuming those family album pictures on his website are really his kids and not prettier ones he pulled off of the street). After listening to A Still Moment, I actually would like to buy it (only I'm cheap, so I probably won't- I think the last time I actually purchased a CD was in the 90's, before I met my *ahem* frugal husband). However, I would come close to shelling out for this little gem because I think it would be great for the H's to listen to while cleaning their rooms and winding down for naps and bedtime. It is melodic and soothing, and delightful background noise. It would also be great car music- hmmm, maybe I do need to purchase it for the long, long drive to Mickey’s house.

I’m admittedly woefully under qualified to judge anything having to do with music- I can neither carry a tune, nor read a note, nor play an instrument- but I do love listening to music, and in my opinion, this is good stuff. My favorite tracks are Circles, Two Roads, Believe, and A Still Moment, all of which you can listen to at the website.

John Hinson- "A Still Moment"can be purchased from the website for $9 plus shipping and handling ($5). I would like to suggest to Mr. Hinson that he make his album available for download as well, as I would come a lot closer to spending $9 to download this directly than I would to actually ordering a CD which I was just going to have to rip anyway.

So go- listen and be soothed!