August 24, 2007
These parents can use any prayers you have to give....
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U.S. parents worry about babies taken from Guatemalan home

8/24/2007, 8:40 p.m. EDT
The Associated Press

GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — Would-be adoptive U.S. parents were worried Friday about the well-being of 44 children that were moved to secret locations by a judge's order while their adoption home is under investigation.

"We have no assurance about who, how or where they are being taken care of," said Katherine O'Meara, a resident of Novi, Michigan, who is waiting to adopt two of the children, on Friday in a telephone interview with The Associated Press from her home.

Authorities allege that the Casa Quivira adoption home lacks the proper paperwork for the children and are investigating to determine if any were stolen or forced away from their biological parents.

The U.S. has pushed for a crackdown on adoptions in Guatemala, a largely unregulated, multimillion-dollar (-euro) industry in which some brokers steal babies. More than 25,000 Guatemalan children have been placed in U.S. homes since 1990 — so many that every 100th baby born in the Central American country grows up as an adopted American.

The home's owners, Clifford Phillips of Delan, Florida, and his Guatemalan wife, Sandra Gonzalez, a lawyer, say the hundreds of adoptions they have handled since Casa Quivira opened in 1996 were done properly. Outside experts familiar with the situation say that Casa Quivira has a spotless record.

"The state is being very secretive about the legal status of the 'children's homes' and orphanages that they have transferred the children from Casa Quivira to," Phillips wrote in an e-mail sent to the AP on Friday.

"We would like to know just how these institutions are allowed to care for children and Casa Quivira is not?"

At the time of the Aug. 11 raid, 46 children were staying at the home. Since then, nine of them have been hospitalized with respiratory problems but are expected to be released within the next couple of days. Two have been released to a U.S. adoptive couple. Phillips said the government also has not told him to which hospitals the nine children were taken.

Late Thursday night, Judge Roxana Mena ordered officials to transfer the 35 remaining babies out of Casa Quivira to several undisclosed locations. They did so under a heavy rain.

Mena would not release any other details "because the law forbids me to do so," she said. "The only thing I can say is that all the judges that deal with minors work with very competent private nurseries."

That was not much consolation for would-be adoptive parents like Chicago resident Dave Roth, who with his wife, Ann, is hoping to adopt a boy and a girl through Casa Quivira.

"Everyone is going nuts here," Roth said in a telephone interview with the AP. "We have gotten no help from the U.S. Embassy or any U.S. official. I don't know if anybody cares."

No one at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala City could be reached for comment Friday afternoon. In a previous statement, the embassy told the AP that its role is limited to assisting U.S. citizens and ensuring their rights are respected, not dealing with domestic legal problems in Guatemala.

Also surprised by the late-night removal of the babies was Josefina Arellano, an official with the federal government agency that oversees adoptions in Guatemala. "It is our opinion that they should have stayed in the same place," she said.

Oh my goodness, where to start! First, I would just like to say that Casa Quivira was one of my top choices when I was looking at agencies to work with. They have a very good reputation, and you know how meticulous I am in researching anything! Second, what the government is saying is illegal about the paperwork is apparently not true at all. I've been told from several reputable sources that this is basically just made up. See the ADA's response here (they are the lawyers in Guatemala who keep the government from doing all sorts of illegal things when it comes to adoptions, including filing felony charges against government officials. I love them!).

I find a few things interesting for a government who wants to take over the entire adoption system. First of all, (it's not in this article, but was in earlier ones) the government raided this place and wanted to move the children on August 11th, but then they realized THEY DIDN'T HAVE A SINGLE PLACE WHERE THEY COULD TAKE CARE OF THESE CHILDREN. The only orphanage that Wendy Berger, the first lady of Guatemala (who is the leading force behind all these heinous acts, from what I can tell), was ever in charge of, was closed in shame because of the filth and mistreatment of children. I kid you not. So they just kicked out the caretakers and used the Casa Quivira facilities.

In just a few short days of this apparently superior care, NINE of forty-six children needed to be hospitalized. Sounds like stellar care, no? The government refused access to the nurses and peditricians who work with the CQ children. It is also reported that they turned away shipments of formula and insisted on giving the babies powdered milk instead. We're talking infants here people. Infants!

I think this is all politics. The elections are coming and time is running out for the Berger's to get their hands on that $28 million that UNICEF has been flashing in front of their greedy little eyes. That would certainly be a nice little retirement nest egg for them. I, for one, would hate to have defend that position in front of my Maker one of these days.

This is what I will be wearing on Halloween... I just hope someone comes along trick or treating for UNICEF!

Save the Children, Stop UNICEF Women's Dark T-Shirt

My prayers are with the families of these precious babies. It is amazing how quickly a bond is formed. The first time I saw H2's picture, he was my son. I know these parents are in agony. Prayers also for the sweet children. They didn't ask for this. They just want to love and be loved. Prayers for the government officials, that their hearts will be softened and that they will consider what is in the best interest of the children, because that is truly the most important thing. And prayers for the birth mothers, who have tried to make a plan for their children out of love and desperation. I cannot imagine having turned my child over to what I thought would be a better life and then learning that my own government had interfered and brought harm to my child. Unfathomable.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
This turn of events for the babies, and all involved, is horrible. I have a good friend who was nearing the final leg of the adoption process for her little girl and all is halted due to this raid. My friend is frantic as she can get no real information concerning her baby and now, with the children removed in the dead of night, she doesn't have the assurance of even knowing the whereabouts of her baby. PLEASE...these folks need help and information. Won't somebody step forward who can help? My prayers are with all who concerned with the care and well-being of all children and those who care for them.