August 13, 2007
I dragged my poor little body (with still slightly sore abs) to BodyStep today. It's step, from the demented people that brought us BodyAttack and BodyPump. Actually, it was a good class, despite the fact that I was rather certain I was going to throw up or pass out half way through (I'm happy to report neither happened, though it did take some will power not to pick up my step and shirk off in shame). Owwie. I'm so pitiful.

Anyway, here's a family picture we took for our follow up homestudy (we have to have a reason to all four be in a photo)...

And here's a photo of poor little Katie Holmes. I think I'm gonna get my hair cut like this later this week. What think ye? This will come as news to L, but he'll get over it. Edited to add- I just talked to L on the phone and he just walked by a magazine with her on it and thought "too bad, she used to be cute..." Men are so irritating. And I still want to get my hair cut.

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Nice family photo! Hatchling looks a little...less than thrilled to be in the picture, but the picture turned out very well!! I love little H2's face! :) It makes me want to squoosh those little cheekers!!

Good for you to go to the exercise class..... I've been terrible about going - so much so that I can't bring myself to set foot in the gym. :(

The Katie cut looks like it will be cute on you - send pictures when you take the plunge!!

Happy Monday!!

Blogger Jill said...
That's funny because I was also thinking of cutting my hair. I need at least a trim, but I always think before I go that I want to do something dramatic. Then again, I'm about to give birth and the last think I need on my to-do list is a hairdo that requires maintenance.

Good job on going to the gym. I had to chuckle because boy do I know exactly how you feel.

Love the family pic. Y'all are so cute!