September 20, 2007
Hatchling's going to school!
We know that our sweet little Hatchling needs some more interaction with kiddos before school starts in two years. Right now, preschool isn't in our budget (well, I suppose we could have not gone to Disney, but I'm selfish...). I've been trying to think of what we could do, and lo and behold this gets put on my front door:

Hatchling Playschool

Did you know?

Slushville High has a Hatchling Playschool!
Begining Oct 23 through May 1
From 950 to 1120
Every Tuesday and Thursday

Need some time to yourself?
Well... $35 covers 6 months of food, activities, and learning FUN for your children (ages 3-5, must be potty trained)

$35 is just in our budget! Hatchling is all signed up, and we are anxiously awaiting October. I drove him by the school the other day (it's in our neighborhood, so it is super convenient), and he was awed. Yesterday, he came downstairs wearing his backpack and a mismatched outfit and told me he was ready to go. What a cutie bear.

I guess it is a class for HS students to practice being teachers or something? Hatchling may change their career plans... and I'd lay bets on him being a great birth control.

Look what L made!

Blogger lawyerchik said...
"Ask and you shall receive!" :) I hope that the playschool works out well for the little guy!

Blogger Damselfly said...
Huh, how funny!

I didn't know you are a geocacher....