September 17, 2007
Somewhere, someone is judging you...
I'm back from Disney! We had an awesome time, to be written about with awesome photographic goodness at a later date. Woohoo!

Today, I'm thinking about something that happened at the airport on our way down to Orlando. I was in line, with H2 in a stroller, to use the restroom. There were about 4 people in front of us, and the two ladies directly ahead were (in the words of Mma Ramotswe) of "traditional build." These ladies apparently knew each other, and were chatting about who was and wasn't washing their hands upon exiting the restroom. When a non-washer would pass them, they would intone "we're judging you!" just softly enough so that the offender couldn't hear them.

What are we, in the 8th grade? I'm 33 (which I find devastating, but that's not the point), and these women looked to be my elders.

Now, I'm not saying I support going potty and skedaddling before washing your hands. BUT, it's really not any of my business. Maybe they were allergic to the bathroom soap. Maybe they planned on using Purell. Maybe they are late for their flight. Maybe they are going to collect a baby who needs changing, and are then going to wash their hands (I did this on another airport stop, and really wanted to turn around to the waiting line and announce my plans, but I refrained). Or maybe they are just filthy people who like dirty hands. Whatever. Not. Your. Business. (unless you are at a restaurant and see an employee not washing, in which case I totally support saying or doing something. Ick...)

I wanted to politely tap one of them on the shoulder and ask how they felt about their cashier at McDonald's judging them when they super-sized their order. Or how they felt about being judged by the clerk at the movies that they asked (repeatedly, in my own movie working experience) to add "just a little more" butter to the middle of the bucket of popcorn. I'm thinking they wouldn't like it.

That's all I'm saying.
Blogger Mom Tu-Tu said...
Isn't it interesting how some people just never grow up?