October 31, 2007
Happy Halloween!
I love Halloween. This is the first year that Hatchling has been really excited about it, possibly because it is the first year I am letting him Trick or Treat, and we are having so much fun! Last night we carved our pumpkin and roasted our pumpkin seeds (a first for me, and they are so yummy!), and today we are watching Halloween shows (cartoons, not slasher flicks) until Daddy gets home. Then we will be having Halloween Pie for dinner before we head out for some candy. L and H2 will be staying home to answer the door (as L and his trusty sidekick, a froggie). Hatchling is going to be Buzz Lightyear. Pictures to follow tomorrow, don't worry!

I have a sinus infection, and this precipitated a trip to Walgreen's for drugs this morning. The trip was excruciating (so much so that I don't even have the energy to tell you about it), but I did happen upon the very last Sonic Scrubber (which our local news girl reviewed last week, and gave it a big thumbs up), so all was not lost. My grout is so happy.