October 24, 2007
My big baby
Yesterday was Hatchling's first day of playschool. What an experience. Parents (and babies) were invited to stay for the first day, so H2 and I tagged along for the ride. This made Hatchling very excited, as he has worried for weeks about how much he will miss me and how he will find his room without me.

When we arrived (remember this is at the local high school), the students teaching his class were waiting and we were taken into the office to get visitor tags for the parents. Unfortunately they lost the visitor tags, so we stood there for quite a while as all of the other parents and kids trickled in. Then, to my complete surprise, Hatchling started channeling Jerry Seinfeld and had the whole room in stitches. No kidding. He was amazing. He was answering questions, he did a little dance, he announced that he smelled a sneaky/stinky (we can never tell which it is) fox (Swiper from Dora). When everyone would laugh, he would put his little hands on his hips and say "it's not a joke!" I can see some serious parent/teacher conferences in our future.

When it was class time, he did pretty well. There are 10 kids and 7 teachers, so it's a good ratio. Most of the kids are like Hatchling and have never been to any sort of pre-k before, so they are all pretty much as crazy as he is (he is definitely more outspoken about it, however). They had a play time, did some art, read some books, made and ate snacks, and would have played outside, but it was wet. Oh, and Hatchling met his new best friend, a little boy named Drake who looks like he could get into some serious trouble with my boy. Hatchling loved it and hated to leave. He's mad at me this morning that it isn't Thursday yet so that he can go back. My baby is getting so big.

For your visual enjoyment, I've included his goofy poses, as this is he thinks he should act for the camera now. Seriously, he thinks that is a pretty smile. He takes pictures just like his father. If he wouldn't divorce me for it, I'd scan in L's kindergarten picture for you all and make your day. Alas, I like being married to him. The last (cute) picture I snapped when he thought I was done. Which means I will be paying for hideous school pictures for years to come as well. One can only hope his future wife will get as much enjoyment out of them as I do L's.
Blogger lawyerchik said...
You have your own personal Calvin on your hands.... :) He's precious! Glad he enjoyed preschool!!

Blogger Damselfly said...
Wow! He got so big!