October 19, 2007
Tea Time... and a cozy chat
There is a bite in the air and it's that time of year again- the time when I start using this little beauty of a machine almost hourly. I also have a Tassimo (to which I am wildly devoted), but for tea, I prefer my little Tea Drop. It's more economical, and I often want a pot, rather than just a cup, of tea (as in, it's 10 in the morning and I'm brewing my second pot..).

Ah, tea. One of life's great pleasures.

Personally, I'm quite fond of Harney and Sons fine teas (I love the tins they come in, and I'm always looking for an excuse to stop by Barnes and Noble anyway...). My personal favorites are Hot Cinnamon Sunset (which I still think would be a great title for a romance novel), African Autumn (which I sip while imagining I'm sitting with Mma Ramotswe and my cousin Sara, who has come to visit the agency from her new home in Senegal- in my daydreams it's not a long trip for either one of us..), and English Breakfast (though I'm eager to get my hands on some Irish Breakfast- for my fiery personality you know). I also love Jasmine tea, though I don't have any on hand. It's rather hard to come by- though I suppose I could order it from the internet.

My stock is dangerously low and I will soon be restocking. What are your favorite teas? Suggestions are always welcome here in Slushville.

Speaking of suggestions, thanks for all your concern about my TMJ trauma. I have actually been to the chiropractor three times now. My muscles are all cramped up and keep pulling it right back out of place. But, with the copious use of muscle relaxers, it is about 95% better. I'm going to give it the weekend and if it is still bothering me next week, I'll throw more money at my chiropractor. I'm doing my part to keep him in one of the most expensive gated communities in our area. I should get some kind of award.

H1 and H2 are currently redubbed Pukey and Poopy. H1 kept me up all night puking, then screaming like a girl when he saw the contents of his stomach displayed prettily on his bed. It seems to have moved to his lower gi now, which is what has plagued the baby for days now. Egads, the laundry is stinky and overwhelming. Methinks I'll have another cup of tea...

I'm a bit late getting this info out there, but if you want to help my friend Sig adopt a little girl from Azerbaijan, you can enter a raffle for $180 worth of gift cards here. Sig is the mother of 6 biological children, and I met her in Guatemala when she was visiting #7. #8 (my mind rebels) is a 10 year old she tried to adopt before turning to Guatemala because she was told it would never happen. God is great, and has opened up a way to bring little Tarana home, but it will cost about $40,000. Since they just finished spending close to that much to bring their Guatmalan princess home, well, they're broke. $10 will enter you in the raffle, but if you have just a dollar to give, it will be greatly appreciated. Also, if you are interested in reading Sig's blog (she's over there under Adoption, schmadoption), leave a comment with your email address or send me an email and I will make sure she gets you an invite since her blog is password protected. She's delightful. I will always remember that I was emailing her when our agency called to tell me H2 (or Poopy) was out of PGN. We had been commiserating because lots of people were getting out and we hadn't- and then I felt so bad because Sig didn't get that out call for another week.

Ok, I don't know why I'm so chatty today, but I'm going to go with it. Here's a conversation recently heard in our household:

Me: You know how we watched that CNET thing last night about the new Roomba? Yeah, I think I need a Scooba.

L: What's a Scooba?

Me: It's a little robot that vacuums and mops your floors for you.

L: I have a little robot like that. She's named SlushTurtle.

Me: But I hate mopping. And our kitchen needs to be mopped daily! (only a man who had never, ever been in charge of keeping a floor clean would have picked the tile/grout combination in our house)

L: Well, maybe when the kids are in school and you start working again, we'll get one.

Me: If I didn't have to mop, imagine the time I would have to devote to my cafepress designs.


L: Alright, when we get caught up on our bills, we'll think about it....

I'm so spoiled. But seriously, I need one. And I've been having dreams about it. It's also inspired some designs, which I think are quite fetching if I do say so myself...

What's your robot named?

Blogger cjoy said...
I have a tea mix from Teavana that I like...it's Mate Vana and Rooibos Macadamia. And oddly, I prefer it later, not the day I buy it. Go figure. :)