November 5, 2007
So after approximately 13 hours of cleaning, I have finished the laundry room, the powder room, a very small hallway, and the outside windows. Not much, eh? However, you could eat off of any surface in those rooms without fear. I don't know why you would want to, but you could.

Oh my gosh, I am so in love with Windex Outdoor or whatever it is called. I am ashamed to admit that today was the first time the outsides of our windows have been washed since we moved in a year and a half ago (and they were dirty then). They are so mostly sparkly and clean now! Not as good as by hand, but close enough to count. Especially considering all the second story windows around here. I did have to get the ladder out so the water would shoot up high enough to get everything, but I didn't have to climb all the way up to window level. I also managed to drop the ladder on my head and L's car while I was getting it down from its spot in the garage. Ooopsie. Luckily, my head took the brunt of the fall (I might add that it's a cosco knock-off of the little giant, and pretty dang heavy) and L's car got only a teensy scratch in the process. My head hurts like no body's business.

Just as I was finishing up outside, I happened to see the MOTHER OF ALL spiders scurrying along the brick. It was as ginormous as a tarantula, but black and shiny without any of the hairs. I looked on the internet for pictures so you could understand the horror I felt, but after looking through several pages of arachnids I got nauseous and stopped. It most closely resembled a trap door spider, for those interested. I also now have three bloody knuckles from beating my Windex container so heartily against the brick whilst I killed it. Totally worth it. Spiders that big have no business being close to my house. If I saw that thing scurry across my floor I think we would have to move post-haste. Blech!