November 7, 2007
I'm lonely. And not for just anybody- I want my husband home and I want him home now. I want to tell him all the nuances of my day and have him not think I'm funny, just like always. I think I'm funny, but I'm bored with myself at this point.

It's over halfway through L's trip (hooray!), and being a single parent is sucking the life right out of me. I'm a freak, so I stay up until 2 every morning. With the time change, Hatchling is getting up at 6, so I'm not getting much sleep at all. I don't know if Hatchling is stressed out because Daddy is gone or if he is picking up some vibe from me, but he is a super scaredy cat this week. His little shrieks of fear every time he hears a noise (whether there was one or not), are grating on my nerves. He is getting up after I tuck him in to turn his closet light on, and he told me yesterday that Daddy keeps the darkness out of the house. Poor baby. Speaking of being a scaredy cat, our washing machine just got unbalanced and made a big noise, and I nearly died of a heart attack... I guess we know where Hatchling gets it from, eh?

Saturday night seems very far away.
Blogger cjoy said...
Oh, I feel your pain! My husband was out of the country for 19 days back in January, and I thought I'd die before he got home! I had the luxury of "talking" via internet most nights. That didn't stop the 13 hour time difference, though. I remember the first several nights I could barely sleep because I just KNEW someone had been stalking the house and waiting for him to leave to break in. Logical, right? Overactive imagination? Noooo, not me!! At least I was sleeping better by then time he got back...nearly 3 weeks of no sleep would have been very ugly indeed. haha!

Oh, and the washing machine thing? Yeah, those machines have minds of their OWN! They wait for a really bad time to go off balance, I'm certain.

I'm praying the rest of the week goes by quickly, but not for reasons like sick children...just because it should go by quickly for you!! (Spend it planning some lovely welcome home surprise and shop for necessary details...stay busy in a good way!)

Blogger Sig said...
Come on over to my house! (I am serious) You won't be lonely ;)

I hate it when Rich has to go away, so I feel your pain. Hope the next 1/2 of his trip goes quickly for YOU.


Blogger AfricaBleu said...
Dear cousin, fear not--your Mom is just up road from you, isn't she?

When Casey is gone, I do craaazy things, like shave our son bald (remember when I did that?), or paint my couch with house paint. He has learned not to leave me--it's better if I do the leaving in the family.

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Believe it or not, I felt slightly frightened the other night before I picked my dog up from the kennel the following morning. I was so accustomed to having him snuggled up next to me - knowing that he would scare the pants off anyone who might even think about trying to break in - that I just didn't sleep well.

Hopefully, L will be home soon, and then you and Hatchling can get some sleep!!

Blogger Jill said...
I was doing the same thing last weekend. My husband left on Thursday and didn't come back until Tuesday. That SUCKED to have him gone over the weekend. I got in some good girlie movies, but still - I'd have traded those movies for time with him in a heartbeat.