November 14, 2007
I'm sure you will all be happy to know that L got home Saturday night, much to my relief and his children's delight. Ahhhh, things run so much more smoothly when daddy is near! We got to enjoy a lot of time with him as he was off Monday for Veteran's Day and then he stayed home yesterday because.... H2 got circumcised. Poor little fella!

We endured a rough night before the circ since he couldn't have anything to eat or drink after midnight (they put him under for the procedure). Of course, he woke up about 1 and screamed bloody murder until 4 before passing out from exhaustion. Just as I was drifting off to sleep, the alarm announced it was 515, so I hopped up and showered and got ready. It wasn't until I was ready to go that I realized the bathroom alarm had never been reset, so really I got up at 415. Yes, I was mad. H2 and I had to be at the surgery center at 6 so we could check in and then torture everyone in the waiting room until 715 (our procedure was scheduled for 730), because a baby who has had no sleep and no food is just a party waiting to happen. Oh yeah.

The highlight of our (my) morning was when they gave H2 some tylenol mixed with versed. It's too bad you can't give babies versed more often, cause he was a hoot. He was grinning and laughing and reaching his hands in the air like he was hallucinating. He had me and the entire nursing staff rolling. He may actually like drugs a little too much. Anywho, the procedure didn't take too long and we were home by 10. H2 was cranky for the small bits of time he was awake yesterday, but he is much more himself today. I'm so glad that is over.
Blogger Mom Tu-Tu said...
When my son had the Tylenol-Versid combo he did the same funny stuff as your son. My daughter however, was a little older, she hallucinated, got scared and cried hysterically until they wheeled her away! Not good on my nerves at all!