December 18, 2007
Shopping with Hatchling... guaranteed to make you cry
Friday night, my wonderful husband is carting me all the way to Benton, about 4 hours away, for a party with my college friends- after he goes to work from 5-130 (yes, 5 a.m.) Yes, he's fabulous- but that's not the point right now.

While I'm oh so excited that I can barely stand myself to see my friends, I've been stressing over what to wear. My friend Toni tells me she is wearing jeans and a sparkly top. I have few things in my closet that don't scream stay at home mom these days, so I thought I might use that $10 off card I got in the mail from Kohl's to get me a cutsie top so I would feel at least remotely attractive for the party. After the gym this morning (is it too much to hope I could loose 10 lbs between now and Friday? Cause that would also really help...), the H's and I headed to Kohl's. I found three tops I really liked and tried them on. As soon as I would get one on, Hatchling would shake his head and furrow his brow, while saying "that's not pretty, Mommy..."

And so we left. And I cried. And when Hatchling asked me if I wanted to be his best friend, I told him not particularly.

So to sum up, I still have nothing to wear, I will be paying for H's therapy sessions to deal with his mother issues, and I'm feeling fat and ugly.

And I know, he's only three and a very silly (and possibly just plain mean) boy, but it hurt all the same. Hmmm... I wonder what time of the month it is...
Blogger cjoy said...
Poor you...but he meant the TOP wasn't pretty; it had no reflection whatsoever on the way his mommy looks. I'm just sure of it. The tops were no doubt simply not good enough for his mommy. :) Chin up; and then shop again, BUYING TO SHOW HUSBAND OR FRIEND IF NECESSARY, THEN RETURNING. Something about a reasonable adult's opinion can really help the morale. Especially during that time of the month. :) Good luck!

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Ditto on the assessment of the wardrobe choice.... He meant that the top was not pretty, not that you were not pretty.

Besides. He is probably used to seeing you look a specific way, and anything that doesn't look the way Mama is supposed to look is not going to be acceptable!!

Have a great time at the party!!

Blogger AfricaBleu said...
It's paybacks for telling him he can't be a princess for Halloween next year--if he can't look pretty, then neither can you.

So there.