January 31, 2008
Early Voting
When he got off of work at 1:30 today, L slushed (slushed! get it?) home through the snow and rain to pick up the kids and I, and then we drove back to Fayetteville to get our primary voting over with. Why? Well, for one thing, we live in the same district as my estranged father, and I turn into a big nervous twit any time it's likely I'll run into him. And I used to always see him when I went to vote. Secondly, well, can you imagine trying to vote with both of the Hatching's in tow? Yeah, me neither. Or at least I can't imagine that they would welcome me back in November. It's just soooo much easier if we go together.

As I was dressing Hatchling and explaining to him where we were going (he's annoyingly interested in where we are going, where we are going tomorrow, where we are going after that, and then after that... it drives me insane... because I'm not a very nice person), I had to explain voting in 4 year-old terms:

ME: Well, someone's the boss of the country, and they make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to. You know, like Mommy and Daddy are the boss of you. And when you turn 18 years old, you get to vote and help pick who gets to be the boss of the country. Neat, huh?

Him: Are you the boss of the whole country Mommy?

Me: Oh goodness no! If I was the boss of the whole country I wouldn't have time to snuggle every day, or give you magic kisses. And that would be sad. So I just help pick the boss.

Him: Who is the boss?

Me: Right now, the boss is George Bush. But we're getting ready to pick a new one to start next year.

Him: Does George Bush live in the jungle?

Blogger Hillary said...
hahahaha! You should have a "funniest next line" contest with that one! :P

How cute!

Blogger Katrina said...
Heehee! That was a very good explanation. I wish I didn't have to help pick the boss this year, because the one I wanted to boss me is already out of the contest. Oh, well! I guess sometimes you just have to pick the lesser of two weevils. (I crack myself up.)

Also, if I endured the kind of scrutiny and constant criticism George Bush gets, I'd want to go live in the jungle, too! LOL!

Blogger Seri said...
*Giggles* That is SO like a toddler, LOL. I hope you are writing these down somewhere for blackmail purposes one day. Mwahahahaha.

Blogger Shell said...
LOL! That's just great. I love toddler logic.

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Perfect reasoning: George of the Jungle it is! :)

Had to tell you this: now that we have what seems to be perpetual snow up north here, I get "slush turtles" regularly and think of you and your brood! Hope you are surviving the winter!!