January 28, 2008
A Father's Heart
Rick Burgess, of the Rick & Bubba Show (which I had never heard of until last night), took the opportunity to speak at the memorial service for his 2 year old son William Bronner Burgess , who had accidentally drowned in the swimming pool at their house earlier this month. Rick spoke about how the greatest thing you can pray for as a parent is that your children will be warriors for Christ. Everything else takes care of itself. This is a really powerful message, and I am amazed by his family's strong faith in God and strength in the midst of such an awful tragedy. The three videos are about 30 minutes long total, and I really encourage you to watch if you can. I didn't want to because I knew it would be a big old weepfest for me (it was), but it is really awesome and lives have already been changed by these circumstances.

Blogger Katrina said...
Wow...how powerful. Thanks for sharing these.