January 18, 2008
I deserved every calorie
Hey, you know what's worse than itchy ears? Ear infections! They throb, they hurt, they make you run into stuff (OK, I run into things all the time, but I'm blaming all current run-ins on my ears), they make you feel like leaving your kids to wander around WalMart while you go home and take a nap!

H2 started running a fever yesterday, so we were at the Dr's office bright and early this morning. In fact, I have a feeling we were there before the doctor. Anyway, I asked him to look in my ear because it started hurting yesterday. Diagnosis- H2 and I both have ear infections. Hatchling immediately effected (affected? Even when I read the rules of usage, I don't understand which to use...) a cough and declared he had an ear infection too.

We headed off to WalMart with our prescriptions in hand, and even though we were third in line when they opened, we were told our drugs won't be ready until 11 o'clock today. I immediately burst into tears, because I'm nothing if not reasonable when I am sick. Sadly, L's old pharmacy school roommate, who is the manager of this pharmacy, wasn't there, so my tears did little good. Instead I drove throuhg Chic-fil-A for a chicken biscuit and came home. L can get our stuff later.

Now, should I tough it out and go to my dermatology appointment this afternoon, or should I try to reschedule? I'm thinking I'll go, as L will be home with the munchkins and I need to have a full body check done- and I'd really like to not hear "Mommy, why is that man looking at you naked?" while it's going on.
Blogger Katrina said...
Miserable. :( Sorry about the ear infections! Katie suffered from chronic ones as a child; the constant fluid in her ears even affected her hearing and temporarily slowed her language development. When we finally succumbed to the doc's recommendation and got tubes put in her ears, they went away and never came back. Whew!

I vote for going to your appointment, especially if you've already got the kid care lined up! (Heck, go shopping and take in a movie afterwards...lol.)

Blogger cjoy said...
Okay, see, "full body check" at a dermatologist is the exact reason I have not already gone and had this done. I've put it off for more than three years. VERY bad, I know. But still...isn't my yearly woman's exam and BIRTHING enough indecency for a long while? Sigh...

Blogger Damselfly said...
Wow, you get a full-body check. I'm very impressed.