January 10, 2008
If we were a traveling, singing family, we'd be known as the VonSnotty's
These cute kids and their stupid snotty kisses have made me sick yet again. We are all snotty and grumpy. H2 is nearly inconsolable. Hatchling kept us all night screaming about his ears, though he assures me in the light of day that they are just fine, but they will probably be hurting him again tonight. Words fail me.

But what I really wanted to tell you about happened yesterday. After hours of H2 screaming but wanting to be held while he screamed, I finally got him to sleep. I was exhausted and needed a break, so I sent Hatchling to play in his room and I settled down in the living room to read for a bit and get my sense of humor back. Of course, Hatchling can't stand to be alone if he is awake, so in no time at all the landing at the top of the stairs housed his comforter, pillow, a few books, and various stuffed animals. I tried to ignore him, but a surreptitious glance up revealed a set of twinkling brown eyes flashing down at me through the railing. I continued to read. After a bit, I heard a soft voice.

"The kids at the gym don't call me Hatchling. They call me PooPoo Pants."
Blogger Katrina said...
Oh, the poor sweetie! I'm sorry to hear that you're all sick right now--of course, we know moms aren't allowed to have sick days, right? Hope you're all on your feet again soon!

Blogger Damselfly said...
Aw. A nickname I'm sure he'll outgrow.