January 16, 2008
Me and my miserable, no-good, itchy head
No, I don't have lice. I have the kids' cold. They are so kind to share their mucusy, germ infested kisses with mommy- and I'm so stupid to keep taking them. The good news is that everyone but me is feeling much better. Hooray for them and their stupid, working immune systems!

The bad news: the itching. Oh the itching! I am on the verge of madness with it! I've begged L to invent an ear snake, much like the snake thingy used by plumbers, that I could plunge into my ears and use to ease the torment in my poor little Eustachian tubes. Oh how I dream of such a device!

Also itching are the roof of my mouth and the skin around the outside of my mouth and nose. I'm a weirdo, I know, but this always happens when I have a head cold. I don't know why. I only know it is unbearable! And of course I'm already dosed up to the max on allergy medicine, so Mr. Pharmacist doesn't recommend any additional medications. Have I mentioned lately how mean I think he is? Here he is missing out on the perfect opportunity to kill me off via a benadryl overdose or tragic ear snake accident, and he won't even take the bait. Pig.

And Puff's Plus- too lotiony! Is there no happy medium between scratchy kleenex (or bless you's, as they are known in our house), and leaving a lotiony film on everything they come in contact with Puff's? For the love!
Blogger cjoy said...
I don't like "facial tissues"--too lotiony, too rough, to expensive, not absorbant...the list goes on. Even a funky shape and size for blowing one's nose to be perfectly honest.

HOWEVER. We love our toilet tissue (Charmin Ultra). When colds run rampant in the house, so does the toilet paper. I mean, seriously. We find partial rolls all over the house for weeks after a cold. We can create-a-size for each person and one roll lasts so much longer than a box of lotiony-acne-causing stuff.

Blogger Hillary said...
LOL! You just totally called your doctor a pig! Wow, that made me guffaw out loud! See? Even when you're sick and itchy you're funny!

Hope the sick and itchy get lost soon!

Blogger Shell said...
I don't like the regular Puff's, but I do like the Puff's Vicks Vapor. Your purse will smell like menthol for ages, but if your head gets stuffy again you can just sniff your wallet. ;-)

Blogger Katrina said...
Itchy Eustachian tubes--that is a new one to me! You should invent your own Ear Snake; there's no telling how many others are suffering from ear itch right now and waiting to give you their money for something to make it go away. :D

Blogger Shansland said...
Bahaha! You are a silly one :D. Sorry about the head butt to the nose! If the hatchling is still sleeping until morning maybe you SHOULD put him in bed super early. Our little trouble finder has been so much smarter(well it seems like it) and happier since we cranked his bedtime back to 7:00pm! Some of us need a rearload of sleep just to function at all. I look just like Jack Nickolson in The Shining if I don't get a good 9 I'm afraid.