January 8, 2008
My love language
My love language is definitely gifts, in case you didn't already know. L is perfect because he enjoys buying me things and is so good, in fact, that I have to be careful when I say that I want something, because he almost always tries to get it for me (though I do notice there is no scooba in there mopping my floors, honey...). Sometimes however, I have to wonder at the things he gets me. For instance- the early anniversary surprise he orchestrated for me this morning was undoubtedly flashy, but it really didn't set the right mood, if you know what I mean.

Picture this: the kids and I have taken L's car to WalMart to get his oil changed while we purchase food and whatnots. Upon leaving, I am very windblown. Hatchling is in the back seat telling me how I don't love him because I spank him. H2 is busy screaming while pulling off one shoe and sock (he must do this to sleep. It's a weird and rather endearing habit, I think). As we drive through the most notorious speed trap in NW AR, we pass a shiny new police car (bought, no doubt, with all that ticket revenue). I am not speeding, but am instead feeling rather smug about keeping the truck on my tail from getting a ticket. Isn't he sorry for tailgating now? Oh look, the police car pulled out behind him! He's probably calling him in for following too closely, gloat gloat... wait, why is he whipping around that truck with his lights on? Why is he getting behind ME? Grumble, grumble...

Police man- May I see your license and insurance, ma'am?
Me- Do you mind telling me why you pulled me over officer? I was going 2 under the speed limit and I wasn't following anyone too closely...
PM- Well ma'am, your tags expired in November. Were you aware of that?
Me- Ummmm... no, I was not. This is my husbands car. I just took it today to get an oil change. See if I ever do anything for him again...
PM- How's the driving record, Ms. Slush?
Me- The car's? Fine I guess, it could use a little work on the suspension. Oh, you mean mine?(nervous giggle- I always turn into a simpleton when confronted by uniformed policemen) Perfect. I haven't had a ticket in years.
PM- I'll be back in just a moment.
Me- Hatchling, your daddy is in so much trouble.
Hatchling- but we love daddy! We love him every week! I don't want him to go to jail! Roll down the window so I can tell the leeceman!!!
PM- Well ma'am, since it isn't your car, I'm just going to give you warning. However, your husband has clearly had enough time to get this done. See that it's done soon, won't you?
Hatchling- sobbing- roll down my window Mommy! I have to tell the leeceman that I love Daddy and I don't want him to go to jaaaaaiiiiilllllll!

Needless to say, I am not feeling inclined towards romance...
Blogger Sig said...
Love the new blog look. Cna't believe you would comment on my blog that you hope yo make the "cut" LOL
The only reason I would leave you off is because you are a republican (said with tremendous love).
You are my fellow nail biter ("did you get a call yet?" "No, did you" "No" "OK, we get to bite our nails some more".
Thank God those days are over. At least for now.
Luv ya!

Blogger Hillary said...
ERG! Well at least that pretty much GUARANTEES that you'll get an extra-awesome anniversary gift to make up for it! Tee hee!

Blogger Katrina said...
Nice present! Maybe he felt you needed a little more adventure in your life? (Although most moms I know have plenty of adventure to go around...) My favorite part was Hatchling begging the "leeceman" not to take his Daddy to jail! Poor kiddo!

Blogger Jill said...
Oh my granny, that was funny! And boy do I know the exact dang speed trap you mean. Those cops there don't have enough donuts to eat or something. What's a scooba? I think it sounds like something I might need.