January 3, 2008
New Year, New Look
You know how I get all template crazy now and again... well, I've been busy today! Not doing laundry or mopping or playing Candyland with my kids. Nope- that would be considered productive! I've just been playing with my blog. I still have a little work to do, but it is mostly done.

If your link disappeared, shoot me an email- I promise it wasn't intentional!

And a big shout out to PsycHo's template generator. It rocks!
Blogger beth said...
Love it! The picture in the header is adorable - what gorgeous boys you have! :)

Blogger SlushTurtle said...
They are rather fetching, aren't they? I was starting to feel guilty about just having Hatchling up there! :)

Blogger Hillary said...
It looks great Slush! LOVE the header! :) :)

Um, one glitch... in explorer all that loads is the header and the hodgepodge sidebar. :( (I know, I know, who still uses explorer these days?) It works fine in Firefox though! (I really hope it's not just MY computer!)