January 4, 2008
So when is a child considered fully potty trained? I thought we were out of the woods with Hatchling, but I swear in the last month he has had a huge, HUGE regression. Every. time. we go the gym, he poops his pants. What is that all about, anyway? He loves the gym, so it's not anxiety. Is it just that he's playing and doesn't want to stop? The gym daycare area is kind of Lord of the Flies-ish... Egads! Boys are gross. And sometimes snuggly. But mostly just gross.

In response, we've re-instigated the spanking every time you have an accident policy (it's mean, but has proven effective in the past). I'm about to make him be a baby again for a few days. Take that, Mr. Stinky Pants. Kids- There's nothing you can do but kiss on them, is there?

This afternoon we are taking H2 to apply for his U.S. passport (he came home on a Guatemalan one since he wasn't officially a citizen until our plane hit the ground and I whipped off his shirt to reveal his "Brand New American Citizen" onesie beneath. Ok, so the shirt had no bearing on his citizenship status, but it's a fun memory for me, and I spent weeks anticipating the moment!) So anyway, L and both have to go apply to keep from having to fill out an extra form, which I assume is to prevent one spouse from leaving the country with the kids and the other spouse not knowing about it. And then we're making our weekly milk run to Sam's, because it saves fifty cents a gallon compared to getting it at WalMart, and since we go through 4 gallons a week, that's 2 bucks.. Of course, I then talk L into feeding us dinner at Sam's (from the snack place, not the tasters), which runs us six or seven dollars, so we really have a five dollar deficit from my money saving idea. But I don't have to cook, and that is totally worth it to me. How's that for some new math? Right, I'm rambling, so it's time to go. It would be just swell if I could get the floors mopped today. Oh Scooba, when are you coming to my house?

In case anyone is wondering, I'm trying to fix the problems viewing this in IE. Not sure what the deal is, but I'm on it!
Blogger Katrina said...
I love your new math! I do the same thing at Costco. Hey, a giant hotdog and a soda for a mere buck fifty? I can barely feed them at home for that!

I loved the onesie story--what a great photo moment!

Blogger Hillary said...
Yippie! It works in IE now! :)